Lubov Lukash

Lubov Leonidovna

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Date of birthday: 6th of September 1948.

Scientific degree: Doctor of biological science, Spesialization on Molecular Genetics.

Scientific title: senior scientific worker.

Main place of work: Institute of molecular biology and genetics NAS of Ukraine. Position: Head of Human Genetics Department.

Rewards: Medal "To mark the occasion of 1500th anniversary of Kiev".

Objectives: Molecular mechanisms of mutations, induced by oncogenic viruses and chemical carcinogens, antimutagenesis, repair systems in somatic mammalian cells, stem cell biology, tissue engineering in vitro, cell and gene therapy.

Number of publications: 130.

Business telephone: 380 (44) 5260739. Home telephone: 380 (44) 5223588. Fax: 380 (044) 5260759. E-mail:

List of main publications:

  1. Oncogenic adenovirus as mutagen for Chinese hamster cells in vitro//Somatic cell genetics. -1981. -7, N2. -P.133-146
  2. The oncogene of BAV-3 as mutagen//J.Cell Science. -1985. -78. -P.97-103
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  4. Mutagenic and transforming action of some viruses, genes and recombinant molecules//Biotechnology Current Progress.-Lancaster. Basel: Technomic Publishing Co., Inc. -1991. -P.133-156
  5. Effect of O6-alkylguanine-DNA-alkyltransferase on the frequency and spectrum of mutations induced by N-methyl-N-nitro-N-nitrosoguanidine in HPRT gene of diploid human fibroblasts//Mutation research. -1991. -250. -P.397-409
  6. Cell cycle-dependent strand bias for UV-induced mutations in the transcribed strand of excision repair-proficient human fibroblasts but not in repair-deficient cells//Molecular and cellular biology. -1991. -11, N4. -P.1927-1933
  7. Gene therapy of mass pathologies//Biopolymers and Cell. -1993. -9, N4. -P.63-104
  8. Mutagenesis and antimutagenesis - opposite directed processes which determin the level of genetic variability and stability//Biopolymers and Cell. -1998. -14, N6. -P.500-511 (Ukraine)
  9. Mammalian stem cells in vitro as a basis for the development of new biotechnologies. -Biopolymers and Cell. -2001. -17, N3. -P.203-211 (Ukraine).
  10. Role of O6-alkylguanine-DNA-alkyltransferase in repairing lesions induced by alkylating compounds//Cytology and genetics. -2001. -17, N4 .-P.265-277 (Ukraine)
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  12. Application of DNA microelectrophoresis for estimation of genotoxic effects of mutagens in the culture of human haemopoietic cells//Cytology and genetics. -2004. -38, N 1. -P.31-35 (Ukraine)
  13. The regulation of a variability of somatic mammalian cell genome under the influence of exogeneous biological factors//Biopolymers and Cell. -2004. -20. -N 1-2. -P.93-105 (Ukraine)
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